Are you a health-conscious person? Do you like to travel with your health and well-being in mind? At Monticello Villa, we understand that health tourism is a growing economy within the overall realm of global tourism. For that reason, we want to benefit those of you who have medical conditions and who like to travel to experience healing therapies.

We are here to help you maintain a sense of wellbeing. When you arrive on the site, you can request to talk to one of our staff members to accommodate your goals or any extra needs you may have.

The villa and golf resort boast a wonderful place for recuperation and recovery. They offer:

  • ·         All-natural Skin and Body Spa Services for Men and Women
  • ·         Access to a beautiful beach
  • ·         A spacious swimming pool and full pool house
  • ·         Access to the Upton Golf Club
  • ·         Yoga

At Monticello, you can strike the perfect balance between relaxation and activity.

If you want a comfortable and quiet place to rest and spend time with your loved ones, you can rent one of three private accommodations.

We can also offer you:

  • ·         A private chef – to cook healthy meals
  • ·         A butler
  • ·         Housekeepers
  • ·         Security Personnel
  • ·         A driver to get you around
  • ·         Ground persons –to tend to your needs
  • ·         A nanny

The resort is not only the perfect place to experience privacy and seclusion. The golf course is a great place to meet likeminded people and strike up conversations. Golfing opens up opportunities to meet others and develop new connections.

Spending time with new people can:

  • ·         Boost your happiness via serotonin levels
  • ·         Reduce stress
  • ·         Encourage you to make healthier choices
  • ·         Have somebody to do activities with

At Monticello, we want to give you a well-rounded relaxing experience. Whether you’re looking for a healthy getaway, a corporate retreat or simply a place to enjoy outstanding golf, reserve your spot at Monticello Villa now!