Travel photography and photojournalism are increasingly popular professions. you’re a weekend warrior or a professional photographer, you’re always on the lookout for a beautiful backdrop. It doesn’t matter if you’re a product, portrait or landscape photographer scenery can make the greatest difference to the quality, mood and theme of your photograph. Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is home to the bluest Caribbean waters, the whitest beaches and the lushest tropical flora. So, whether you’re looking to add to your personal collection of landscape photography or you’ve been hired to scout for an ideal backdrop to a large-production photo shoot, Monticello Villa & Golf Resort has all the beauty and convenience you and your guests are looking for.

Hardcore Hobbyists & Landscape Photographers

With the relative affordability of DSLR cameras, many people commit all the free time they have to exploring the world through the eye of a lens. If this describes you, Monticello Villa’s unique and breathtaking tropical beauty is an ideal fit for your photography-themed vacation. Since you don’t have to go far to discover Caribbean treasures, you can enjoy all that Ocho Rios has to offer while taking advantage of our many amenities:

-Exclusive access to our private beach and estate, where you will be unencumbered by tourists
-Our staff’s undivided attention to your every need
-Plenty of room to relax and enjoy a quiet rest after a day of explore perfect shot

If you’re interested in what else Ocho Rios has to offer, our local team will happily make arrangements for any excursions or day trips you and your camera might to .

Large Scale Photo Shoots

Whether you’re shooting for National Geographic or Sports Illustrated, our estate can easily accommodate up to 17 guests in the Monticello Villa and our two cottages. For photographers, stylists and producers with a healthy budget, we will ensure that your work time and downtime is completely . Enjoy the privacy and convenience of estate and choose from among the many beautiful for your photo shootlike the pristine lawns of the golf resorts, the vibrantly lush verdure, and the private beach with its pure blue waters. You might even find inspiration from our indoor spaces, which are replete with fine furnishings and an upscale tropical ambiance.

the moment relax by the pool, enjoy our staff’s undivided attention, unwind with our sumptuous spa services, play a round of golf at the Upton Golf Club or simply veg out on the beach drink in hand.

Reserve your photography getaway today!