At Monticello we know that whether you’re planning a family vacation or romantic getaway for two is often a daunting task and that’s precisely why we’ve made it easy for you to leave the stresses of everyday life behind, to join us at one of our villas in sunny, seaside and picturesque Ocho Rios.

Jamaica Travel Tips

Wherever you travel in the world, to Jamaica, or anywhere, for individual travellers and groups alike, the number one concern remains the same, safety. Here are a few of our top travel tips for foreigners, to help you have fun, reduce your stress and stay safe throughout your journey.

  • Read the local news before you leave your home country and familiarize yourself with local issues, so that you can get to know the landscape of your vacation destination
  • Research local laws, customs and traditions
  • Travel with a valid (up-to-date) passport or Visa (if required) and be sure to make photocopies. Leave one photo copy of your ID at home and travel with one on you
  • Travel with a secondary form of photo ID, also photo copy, leave a copy at home and another copy on your person while travelling
  • Register with your country’s consulate or embassy so that in case of an emergency, your home country is aware of your whereabouts
  • Share accurate contact information of our destination with family or loved ones at home

Once you’ve completed your trip planning and research, be sure to pack at least 24hrs in advance of your journey so that you don’t forget anything with the rush of last minute packing. If you’ve never travelled to Jamaica before, don’t forget to pack lots of sunscreen, sun hats and bug repellant as well as swimwear and lightweight clothing.

Featured Amenities at the 19th Hole Cottage

  • Personalized dinning – authentic Jamaican cuisine prepared daily
  • Private beach
  • Wi-Fi – so you don’t have to stay disconnected for too long
  • Cable TV – North American, European and Local Channels
  • Security
  • Spacious pool – with a fully equipped pool house
  • Upton Golf Club access – preferred greens and cart fees

We also offer additional amenities to assist single travellers, couples and families, including nanny services; yoga instructors and we can arrange airport transfers. Your personalized chef will prepare fresh, authentic Jamaican cuisine and we’ve created suggested meal menus that will make dinning easy and enjoyable.

Book your next vacation today and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about your stay or our amenities.