Did you know that golfing has been around since roughly 1497? That means it has been around for over six centuries! Its origins stem from the highlands of Scotland. In earlier versions of the game, players would hit a pebble around a sand dune course, rabbit runs or tracks and would use a stick or one of the early prototypes of the club.

The first prototypes of today’s golf club heads were made of beech wood, or the wood of various fruit trees. The shafts were originally made of hazel or ash wood.

In 1457, when the game was slowly beginning to catch on, Kings James II banned military personnel from playing it – along with soccer – in Scotland because the soldiers were becoming too distracted by it. The King wanted to get them to practice archery instead, since it would be more relevant to them in combat.

Interestingly enough, golf has remained a game that presents a great diversion from the work life. Unlike soccer and other team-oriented sports, golf is an individual sport requiring individual effort. While this has allowed a social culture to form around it – it’s a great to have a drink and relax, to interact with likeminded individuals – golf also offers a sense of solitude and concentration that other sports often lack.

At Monticello Villa

If you like to play golf, you’ll have access to an 18-hole championship course that features a soft, picturesque terrain of 6404 yards. It is situated 750 feet above sea level, making it a true sight to behold!

The par 71 course features a host of top-notch facilities and some of the best caddies in the Caribbean. Golf Digest Magazine granted it a four-star rating for courses to play while on vacation.

Monticello Villa also offers a panoramic view of Ocho Rios along with an array of spa services, pools, and quiet places to retreat to for rest and enjoyment.

Reserve your golf getaway at Monticello Villa today!

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