A Golf Getaway You Won’t Want to Miss

In the hills of Ocho Rios, Jamaica, overlooking the warm waters of the Caribbean, you’ll find an exceptional golf getaway unlike any other you’ve played. The Country Club at Upton features some of the most challenging holes on the island and a distinctive experience unavailable elsewhere. Rub shoulders with other golf lovers, soak up the sun and fresh air, and engage with your body and mind.

Get ready to play a challenging and rewarding game on one of the most beautiful courses in the area. Long, narrow fairways demand powerful drives and combine with professionally manicured greens to test your skills. Knowledgeable caddies ensure a great round, regardless of your handicap, and work to help shave a few strokes off your final score.

About the golf course

The Country Club is an 18-hole championship course with a soft, picturesque terrain totaling 6404 yards. It sits 750 feet above sea level, making it a true sight to behold!

The par 71 course features a host of top-notch facilities and some of the best caddies in the Caribbean. Golf Digest Magazine granted it a four-star rating for courses to play while on vacation.

The health benefits of golfing

Enjoying a game of golf is its own reward (especially in a beautiful location like Ocho Rios), and golf fans love to go on about honing their skills and comparing their scores. However, there are also numerous health benefits that come with golfing, such as:

Stress reduction — the warm weather, natural outdoor setting, kinship and friendly competition is a great way to flush out stress and increase the release of endorphins. This also has a positive impact on a person’s sleep and golfers cite that they sleep longer and more deeply after playing a game.

Cardio — covering 30 to 200 acres in a course is roughly 5-7km of walking! This is a great way to get some cardio exercise in. Plus, on average, a golfer burns up to 1000 calories in a single game from the combination of walking, carrying golf equipment and golf swings.

A heart healthy game — naturally, anything that involves cardio keeps your heart rate up. Golf keeps the heart pumping and supports the body with an increased blood flow. All of this comes together to fight levels of unhealthy cholesterol and also lowers risks for heart disease.

A way to sharpen the brain — blood flow to the brain stimulates and improves neural nerve cell connections. This helps to combat mental illnesses that could crop up in the future like dementia!

Strength to the body — Leg muscles such as quadriceps get worked out along with the upper body. Plus, did you know that golf can strengthen one’s vision? Focusing on small targets actually strengthens the eyes while improving hand-eye-coordination! Plus, with golf being a low-risk injury sport, the muscles of the body are engaged and are more likely to be strengthened than strained.

VIP treatment for golfers at Monticello Villa

Golfers enjoy VIP treatment from Monticello Villa with preferred-member greens fees, pro-shop discounts, and a complimentary PGA-certified golf clinic to help perfect your game. Your butler will be happy to arrange for private lessons with a local pro as well. Even better, Monticello is the only villa rental located on the course, so you’ll find a tee just steps from your door!

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